Thursday, November 21, 2019

International Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

International Marketing - Assignment Example We can also view it as â€Å"the action of acclimating a firm’s activities to international surroundings.† 1Strategy is the resolve of the fundamental long-standing goals of the business venture, and the embracing of courses of action and allotment of resources essential for carrying out these objectives. It consists of incorporated decisions, proceedings or tactics that will aid to realize goals. Brand strategy is used as a sunshade term to indicate the expansive range of strategic options open to the firm, together with both managerial and purposeful management strategies, product/market approaches, and diversification strategies. Main Body Step 1: Coca Cola brand topped in the 2010 list of Global Inter-brands and as the senior marketing consultant working for the brand, I hereby present a report that seeks to answer a digit of questions. Step 2: The Coca Cola brand has overtime played a vital role in the mother company’s international expansion. A coherent and viable global brand architecture is a vital constituent of the firm’s general worldwide marketing strategies because it provides structural basis for levering sturdy brands into foreign markets, ensuring assimilation of acquired brands in adding up to rationalizing the company’s adapted global strategies in branding. ... he global media, global retailing and outright movement of persons, goods and entities across international borders/territories has changed brand markets to constituents of emerging integrations that have not been in the picture before. Consequentially, a global firm like Coca Cola has concentrated on coordinating and integrating its existing strategies and methodologies in marketing across global markets. 3A vital element in Coca Cola’s International marketing strategy is the strategic branding policy that it has adopted overtime. A Strong brand like Coca Cola has helped the mother company to ascertain the firm's identity in the market, and develop an unyielding consumer franchise plus providing a weapon to defy growing retailer clout. The brand has also provided the root for other brand extensions, which further strengthen the firm's souk position and enhancement of value. 4In international markets arena, an important brand strategy for the firm is has been to use the same b rand name in different countries, leveraging brand strength across these established boundaries and maintaining local brands that respond to variant customer preferences in the local setups. A related issue has been the branding level that needs maximum emphasis, that is, corporate/house or product-level brands or a jumble of both. The innermost responsibility of branding in defining the firm's distinctiveness and its pose in intercontinental markets means that it is decisive to expand explicit and formidable international brand structural designs. This is implying identifying the dissimilar echelons of branding contained by the firm, the actual number of manufactured brands at each level on top of their product market and geographical scope. A crucial element in this branding structure is the

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