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How I Became Hettie Jones with Two Secondary Sources…

How I Became Hettie Jones. The skin color of a person used to be a big issue in America, which appeared to have been resolved; however, it is still a big issue today. Although there is no longer slavery, a number of people continue to act in a racist fashion. They pass on these thoughts of prejudice and racism to their children, who then pass it on to their children and so forth, therefore it becomes extremely difficult to prevent it. Prejudice is an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. There are still numerous stereotypes that can be associated with a person's skin color.Stereotypes are regarded as embodying or conforming to a set image or type. However, there is not only prejudice towards the black community, but also a prejudice against the white community. Hettie Jones tells the story of her life as an unconventional woman during the 50s and 60s, struggling to find her place and role in the world in New York City during the Be at generation. She was originally born as Hettie Cohen. This changed after meeting a fellow employee destined to become her spouse. She knew that their romance would cause criticism and discomfort with some people, as any interracial romances with â€Å"Negros† would at the time.He simply had too much going for him, being a â€Å"warm, funny, voluble, tender, wildly ambitious, supremely confident†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Hettie became pregnant twice, one child aborted, the other she kept as the two wed. Both of their parents were simply heartbroken to hear about them being together. Ultimately however, the Jones family gave Hettie acceptance, welcoming a white daughter-in-law to the family. As for Hettie Jones, she did not consider herself white, because she didn't know what that meant anyways which is the reason that made her marry a black person even if everybody around her gave her weird looks.She quoted â€Å" For being someone these people could not influence, or hold, forgive me , but this is America†¦.. Sometimes you have to go on the road. †(62). But after their first major fight, during which Roi slaps her, Hettie notes, â€Å"Do you see race in this? Have you forgotten? It would get worse. † Many years and two children later, it does: under the influence of the Black Power movement, Roi grows increasingly ambivalent about the fact of his wife's race, finally refusing to take her to the opening of his play, Dutchman.The marriage, mirroring the times, dissolves; as Jones notes: â€Å"It fit right in with dissolving black-white political alliances. † In Andrew Hacker's book, Two Nations:Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal. Hacker argues that blacks and whites live in two different worlds. Hacker believes that race plays a larger role in America than it does anywhere else in the world. The title has many sources and foreshadows some of the conclusions he makes in the book. The â€Å"Two Nations†being discussed are the White nation and the African-American (Black) nation.It has been said many times in history that the two major races in this country have been separate, hostile and unequal. This book is Hacker's opinion as to the real dimensions of race and how it controls lives and divides society. The integration issue was raised in the chapter of the book: Being Black in America. In thischapter, the author tries to describe in detail what an African-American goes through and has to deal with simply because of the color of his/her skin.Hacker illustrates how black people feel they are looked at and treated by white America. He seems to really want to stress to white people that they should try to see things from a black perspective. He wants whites to try to imagine what it is like to have a stigma attached to you because of the color of your skin. He talks about issues that range from housing, to police, to their family structure, to blatant discrimination, to having to explain and defend thems elves (and sometimes all blacks in general) intellectually to white people.

Teamwork in Action

TEAMWORK IN ACTION Retail store that sells music CDs 1. In retail store that sell music CDs, the single measure best reflects the overall level of activity is Number of CDs sold. – In respect to changes in the measure of CDs sold, a variable cost is a cost that varies, in total, in direct proportion while a fixed cost remains unchanged, in total, regardless of any change. ->Examples of fixed and variable costs in respect to small changes in the measure of selling CDs: Cost| Cost behavior| | Variable| Fixed| The cost of advertising new store| | X|Number of CDs supplied| X| | The cost of renting space for store| | X| The electrical cost in store| | X| The direct labor cost| | X| The cost of delivering CDs | X| | Variable Cost Number of CDs supplied| Cost of CD| Total variable Cost – CDs| 1| 35. 000| 35. 000| 50| 35. 000| 1. 750. 000| 100| 35. 000| 3. 500. 000| Fixed Cost Monthly Labor cost| Number of CDs sold| Average cost per CD| 5. 000. 000| 20| 250. 000| 5. 000. 000| 7 0| 71. 428,6| 5. 000. 000| 150| 33. 333,3| 2. Relationship between the number of CDs sold and others: Cost| Behavior of the cost| In Total| Per Unit| Fixed cost| Total fixed cost is not affected by changed in the number of CDs sold. | Fixed cost per unit decreases as the number of CDs sold rises and increases as this number falls. | Variable cost| Total variable cost increases and decreases in proportion to changes in the number of CDs sold. | Variable cost per unit remains constant. | | | | Total cost| Increases and decreases in proportion to changes in the number of CDs sold| Average total cost per unit| Increases and decreases in proportion to changes in the number of CDs sold|

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Predicting Performance

Mix between current method and intelligence test. Evaluate Alternatives: 1. Intelligence tests. If Intelligence tests are used by corporations to screen Job applicants, colleges could use the same methodology. Also this will give a future opportunity for the students after graduation, to be familiar with this kind of test. Also corporations looking new employees will be confident that the graduated students have already passed the intelligence test, so they can give priority for students graduated from New England College.In addition the New England College, based on this alternative, could do agreement with potential recruiters, to give priority for student graduated from the college as they can ensure their Intelligence level. This will give an advantage to overcome any possibility of discrimination and to be more fair for poor and minorities, as it will be based on real evaluation for intelligence level for students. 2. Keep existing selection criteria. As Alex has no prior exper ience in college admissions, and in the same time she didn't eave enough time to collect all data and verify It by real study.All her reservations about using SAT scores based on concerns, the only evidence Is that coaching improves the SAT score. So keeping the current selection criteria will overcome the risk of failure in case of any change in the process of selection, also as the people who design the SAT argue forcefully that these test scores are valid predictors of how well a person will do in college. But Alex could gain time during keeping the current selection process to collect and analysis data before thinking about other alternative o challenge this argue. . MIX between current method and Intelligence test. As SAT Is only three sections Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. It Is preferable also to measure the intelligence of the students. For this it's required to redistribute the scoring as per the below. High school grades (20 %); Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores (30 %); Intelligence tests scores (30 %); Extra-curricular activities and achievements (10 %); And the quality and creativity of a written theme submitted with the applicationThis alternative will make the selection criteria based on measuring the mathematics; critical reading and writing in addition to the proper intelligence level, and avoid discrimination for poor and minorities. Taking into account the students character and their ability to manage activities and have achievement, and their ability to express their writing capabilities and creativity. Also this alternative will have the advantages of first alternative. Recommendations: To use the third alternative by having mix between current methods and intelligence test.

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Legal Issue Paper HUMAN RIGHTS IN IRAQ Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Legal Issue Paper HUMAN RIGHTS IN IRAQ - Essay Example Iraq has seen different periods of government rule and the human rights in Iraq have been different in the different periods of rule. The human rights in Iraq can be divided into three distinct periods, the pre-Saddam period, the period of Saddam Hussein, and the post war period. The military in Iraq plays a very important role in maintaining an atmosphere of pressure and fear on which the government of Iraq rests. The Iraqi military forces have a lot of power and the government usually does not make an attempt to investigate any human rights abuse cases. The Iraqi government's human rights record is very poor. Human rights like the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of press, and the like were restricted by the government. Human rights in the pre-Saddam period were very poor. The abuses of human rights on the citizens were prevalent from this period itself. The Hashemite monarchy is considered the most imperfect rule in terms of human rights. The influence of prime ministers and leaders of the military was huge and the civil and human rights of people varied from place to place. During this period Jews had face a lot of discrimination. They were deprived of property and Iraqi nationality. In 1949 Iraq's Prime Minister also suggested that Iraq may expel its Jewish population .1 Following this, from 1950 to 1951 more than 120,000 Jews left Iraq for Israel in a mass emigration. This mass emigration was one of the largest airlift operations in history .2 Human rights in the pre-Saddam period faced a lot of ups and downs as Iraq saw many different leaders and governments. Human rights were often violated due to the differences between various rulers and members of different ethnic communities. Many rulers and regimes discriminated certain groups and communities, which resulted in the violation of human rights to these affected communities. Saddam Hussein was one of the most famous Iraqi leaders. Human right during his rule faced a lot of torture and mass murder. During Saddam's rule the military and paramilitary forces had a lot of power, which they used to violate many human rights. The methods used to maintain control during his rule were secret police, forced disappearances, targeted assassinations, murders, and torture. Regular reports of widespread torture and murder were reported by the Amnesty International and Human Right Watch. Many human rights organizations have documented many cases of torture, murder, approved execution, and rape during Saddam's rule between 1979 and 2003. Human rights in Saddam's rule were affected in many ways. People were executed for reasons such as supporting the opposition, or not being in favour of the President. Women were executed saying they practised prostitution and some men were executed for supporting them. Mass execution used to take place in prisons as part of a prison clean out activity. Political killing were another way of murdering people. Widespread disappearances continued to take place with hundreds of people missing. "The Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iraq has reported that such records have been found with regard to a considerable number of persons followed, wanted or detained in northern Iraq, many of whom subsequently disappeared" (Lawson, Bertucci and Wiseberg 522). Though the Iraqi constitution prohibited torture and arbitrary arrest and detention, the military and security forces regularly

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Leadership Skill-Building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Leadership Skill-Building - Essay Example The indicators are engaged in the measurement of performance drivers such as organizational vitality, productivity gain and market position strength. The metrics also measure the financial performance outcomes as well as stakeholder value generated. Research on life cycle model shows different organizational growth stages in the model’s growth through a basic illustration of revenues (for profit) and budget (non-profit) activities. Evaluation reports may illustrate absence of extensive predictors for international executive success while agreeing that open flexibility; drive, language, and personality skills contribute towards successful international leadership. More teams are comprised of people from different nationalities, languages, ideas, behaviors, cultures and ways of achieving objectives. A section of a given team may argue that international business language negates the communication issues for which cross-cultural teams are involved in developing hands-on experience for such disagreeing teams (DuBrin, 2013). People of different backgrounds of culture gather come together within settings that are always in a position of promoting interaction. The implication of such a balance is the energizing elements of the organization. Such a dimension also reflects a truthful culture and organization under which decision-making policies are traditionally held closely by smaller groups of individuals. The systems and mechanics of broadening senior teams vary based on organizational and cultural considerations. The scope of leadership includes creation of common contexts within the item and reason of the strategies that serve as critical milestones for broader leadership teams. In a number of cases, the approach prefers creating groups of between 50 and 100 people recognizing collective accountability for success of entire strategies (DuBrin, 2013). The steps present effective partnering

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Maintenance Strategy Math Problem Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Maintenance Strategy - Math Problem Example As the paper outlines, mÐ °ny Ð ¾f the bÐ °tÃ' h reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'• Ð °re Ã'•emibÐ °tÃ' h (Ð °lÃ'•Ð ¾ Ã' Ã °lled fedbÐ °tÃ' h) reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'• in whiÃ' h Ð °n initiÐ °l Ð °mÐ ¾unt Ð ¾f mÐ °teriÐ °l iÃ'• Ã'€lÐ °Ã' ed in the reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾r, the liquid iÃ'• heÐ °ted tÐ ¾ the deÃ'•ired temÃ'€erÐ °ture, Ð °nd then Ð °dditiÐ ¾nÐ °l feed Ð ¾f freÃ'•h reÐ °Ã' tÐ °nt iÃ'• grÐ °duÐ °lly Ð °dded tÐ ¾ the veÃ'•Ã'•el. ОÃ'€timÐ °l Ã' Ã ¾ntrÐ ¾l theÐ ¾ry hÐ °Ã'• has been widely uÃ'•ed tÐ ¾ derive Ð ¾Ã'€erÐ °tiÐ ¾n Ã'€Ð ¾liÃ' ieÃ'• fÐ ¾r bÐ °tÃ' h reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'• (FiliÃ'€Ã'€i-BÐ ¾Ã'•Ã'•y et Ð °l., 1989). MÐ °ny Ã'€Ð °Ã'€erÃ'• hÐ °ve been Ã'€ubliÃ'•hed where different Ð ¾Ã'€timÐ °l Ã' Ã ¾ntrÐ ¾l deÃ'•ignÃ'• Ð °re exÃ'€lÐ ¾red, rÐ °nging frÐ ¾m reÃ' urrent neurÐ °l netwÐ ¾rk mÐ ¾delÃ'• (XiÐ ¾ng Ð °nd ZhÐ °ng, 2005) tÐ ¾ Ð ¾n-line dynÐ °miÃ'  Ð ¾Ã'€timizÐ °tiÐ ¾n (Ð rÃ'€Ð ¾rnwiÃ' hÐ °nÐ ¾Ã'€ et Ð °l., 2005). The intereÃ'•ted reÐ °der iÃ'• referred tÐ ¾ the reÃ' ent Ã'•urvey by Ð…metÃ'• et Ð °l., 2004 I.Y. Ð…metÃ'•, J.E. Ð ¡lÐ °eÃ'•, E.J. NÐ ¾vember, G.Ð  . BÐ °Ã'•tin Ð °nd J.F. VÐ °n ImÃ'€e, ОÃ'€timÐ °l Ð °dÐ °Ã'€tive Ã' Ã ¾ntrÐ ¾l Ð ¾f (biÐ ¾)Ã' hemiÃ' Ã °l reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'•: Ã'€Ð °Ã'•t, Ã'€reÃ'•ent Ð °nd future, JÐ ¾urnÐ °l Ð ¾f Ð  rÐ ¾Ã' eÃ'•Ã'• Ð ¡Ã ¾ntrÐ ¾l 14 (2004), Ã'€Ã'€. 795–805. The fÐ ¾llÐ ¾wing nÐ ¾tÐ °tiÐ ¾n will be Ã' Ã ¾nÃ'•idered in the next Ã'•eÃ' tiÐ ¾nÃ'•: †¢ iÃ'• the veÃ' tÐ ¾r Ð ¾f Ã' Ã ¾nÃ' entrÐ °tiÐ ¾nÃ'• Ð ¾f the invÐ ¾lved Ã' hemiÃ' Ã °l Ã'•Ã'€eÃ' ieÃ'•. †¢iÃ'• the veÃ' tÐ ¾r Ð ¾f freÃ'•h feed Ã' Ã ¾nÃ' entrÐ °tiÐ ¾nÃ'•.†¢iÃ'• the reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾r temÃ'€erÐ °ture.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• the freÃ'•h feed temÃ'€erÐ °ture.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• the reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾r vÐ ¾lume.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• the freÃ'•h feed flÐ ¾wrÐ °te.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• the veÃ' tÐ ¾r Ð ¾f reÐ °Ã' tiÐ ¾n kinetiÃ' Ã'•.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• the Ã'•tÐ ¾iÃ' hiÐ ¾metriÃ'  mÐ °trix.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢iÃ'• Ð ° veÃ' tÐ ¾r relÐ °ted tÐ ¾ Ã' Ã ¾nÃ'•tÐ °nt reÐ °Ã' tiÐ ¾n enthÐ °lÃ'€ieÃ'•.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ÃŽ ³(Ã' ,T,t) iÃ'• the heÐ °t trÐ °nÃ'•fer Ã'€Ð °rÐ °meter.  Ã¢â‚¬ ¢u iÃ'• the jÐ °Ã' ket temÃ'€erÐ °ture, whiÃ' h iÃ'• tÐ °ken Ð °Ã'• the Ã' Ã ¾ntrÐ ¾l inÃ'€ut.  In the Ã'•equel, the â€Å"bÐ °tÃ' h reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾r† terminÐ ¾lÐ ¾gy will refer tÐ ¾ bÐ ¾th Ã'•triÃ' t bÐ °tÃ' h Ð °nd Ã'•emibÐ °tÃ' h reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'•. BÐ °tÃ' h reÐ °Ã' tÐ ¾rÃ'• in whiÃ' h m reÐ °Ã' tiÐ ¾nÃ'• tÐ °ke Ã'€lÐ °Ã' e invÐ ¾lving n (n>m) Ã' hemiÃ' Ã °l Ã'•Ã'€eÃ' ieÃ'•, Ð °re Ã' Ã ¾nÃ'•idered.

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Analyse the political and economic changes in the Franco Regime Essay

Analyse the political and economic changes in the Franco Regime between 1939 and 1975 - Essay Example While so much of the world changed during these 40 years, fascist Spain remained effectively a backwater with little progress or growth to speak of. However, the process by which Franco secured political and economic control over the country, and the process by which he lost it (and which saw the return of constitutional monarchy in Spain) is a very interesting one, and the subject of this essay. By 1936, Franco had successfully gained power over Spain, decimating his Communist opponents and leaving as many as half a million of his countrymen dead. The battle between the Fascists and Communists had not been one of arms alone—both sides had unshakeable ideological beliefs that wrought terrible destruction across the countryside. Communists attacked churches and clergymen, disrupting the traditional ways of life, while the Fascists attacked workers and members of unions they suspected of having Communist sympathies. Although Franco had won a victory, Spain was still terribly split between both sides. The violence had opened an almost irreparable wound. A statesmen would have seen this and in the best interests of his country tried to heal the divide between these two sides. But Franco had a much more brutal vision for his country—one where he dominated the cultural, economic, and political life of Spain completely. What followed Franco’s victory was a long period of score-settling, one that would permanently mark the Spanish psyche. The war would continue by other means. As Grugel writes in Franco’s Spain, [F]ar from relaxing with the end of the war, repression of opponents both intensified and became even more institutionalized. With all of Spain now controlled by Nationalist forces, the number of potential victims expanded enormously. Even if the Francoist authorities had wished to contain the post-war terror, it is doubtful whether their supporter could have been restrained from settling old social and political scores.1 Although some call Franco a

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Information Technology Strategic Plan Term Paper - 1

Information Technology Strategic Plan - Term Paper Example The objectives are feasible given that digital technology can work for both the clientele and the business The mission statement destined to integrate the needs of the company with those of the target market and understand drivers for loyalty and overall satisfaction guides Great Heights Events Planning Company. The mission statement is stated as follows; â€Å"Our mission is to surpass the expectations of customers and create memories that will last a lifetime. In the process of administering out high-end services, we are guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for every client or guest on our way. We hope to maximize our outcomes for the sole satisfaction and loyalty of our clientele.† As Greater Heights seeks to gain more traction with customers than before, investment in IT will be inevitable given that the entire industry is investing in the state-of-the-art equipment. The interactions with the ultimate clients and guests are based on the data collected using the information. Then following the strategic plan will outline the current situation of Great Heights in terms of technology and security aspects. The business venture will also entail determining the information technology personnel or roles in place and a SWOT analysis for the same. The goals of the IT strategic plan will be outlined and the positive organizational impacts it will have once it is implemented in Great Heights. Great Heights does not have expansive remote storage and data collection tools for customer information. The company relies on the calls made by customers. The planning department conducts a random survey every month through questionnaires to the guests. The future events are based on the survey provided because customers give an honest opinion about the services and what they expect to get from the company. The company has not yet applied digital tools for collecting customer

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Comparing 4 images Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comparing 4 images - Essay Example Among the most conspicuous cultural features, that different paintings portray is the gender role and differences. Different societies viewed gender differences adversely with the people apportioning unique roles for each gender as the below analysis of four distinct paintings portrays. Gender differences and roles differ with differences in cultural and historical contexts. Artists capture such cultural and historical differences in the roles of different genders. Painted in the 1617, Abduction of the daughters of Leucippus is typical representation of the differences in genders and the roles of each of the genders. Among the conspicuous features of the painting is the portrayal of both males and female. From the painting, women are fairer than their male counterparts are a feature that arises from the cultural and historical roles of each gender. The bodies of the women in the painting are fairer and lighter than the bodies of the men are. The painting portrays that women cared for the body besides the fact that they did light chores. The female bodies are voluptuous, soft and fleshy. In the early society, such features were considered sexy thus feminine. The painting portrays men as darker than the women with strong and muscular bodies. Such personality features were fundamental owing to the cultural and historical roles of men at the time. They performed laborious duties thus enhancing the growth of the masculine body frames. Additionally, their skins are darker then the skins of the women are a feature that arises from the extensive exposure to the harsh environmental features. The painting portrays the men as enjoying numerous privileges over their female counterparts. The men for example are riding on horses while grabbing the women who were walking on foot and are evidently resisting the capture. The men enjoy impunity and

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Evaluate the renewable energy sector in the Netherlands, using Essay

Evaluate the renewable energy sector in the Netherlands, using Porter's Diamond model - Essay Example The country has one of the most advanced off shore wind industries in the world (Jansen, Ostertag and Waltz, 2011). The renewable energy sector enjoys a top-sector status in the country hence, enjoys exponential and far reaching investment by both government, private sector and even science and technology institutions are encouraged to build capabilities, conduct research and test technologies in the country at subsidized costs (Ibon, Eguino and Anil, 201). For the top-sector, there are top- teams consisting of scientists, senior officials, small and medium enterprise representatives and figureheads in the sector (Matschoss, 2011). These top teams are responsible for identifying necessary adjustments and foreseeable challenges and possible opportunities in the sector and promptly advice the investors, businesses, scientists and the government on the best approach for maximum impact (Lovinfosse, 2008). This pragmatic intervention in the sector has greatly improved innovations in the s ector for the Netherlands. The Netherlands also has an innovation contract in the renewable energy sector which primarily seeks to achieve the realization of European targets with regards to lowering emissions and sourcing at least 14 percent of total national energy consumption from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) that was made available in the year 2012.In the contract are substantive and financial agreements between companies, scientists and the government and its implementation started in 2012 and 2013.Even though not a producer herself, the Netherlands has a strategic locational advantage in terms of pipeline transit for gas for the North-West Europe (Bruekers, 2007). This ambitious measure has been taken by the government ownedcompanies, The Gas Union and EBN (Jeroen and Bruinsma, 2008). Demand Conditions: Renewable energy is extremely popular and enjoys favorable perception among