Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Critically discuss the Strategy in Action of the organisation 'Nestle' Essay

Critically discuss the Strategy in Action of the organisation 'Nestle' - Essay Example With the power of innovation, advanced technology, and high investment in Research and Development, the company has outpaced competition thereby creating an edge of its competitors. Mission statement of Apple is â€Å"to produce high-quality, low cost, easy to use products that incorporate high technology for the individual. We are proving that high technology does not have to be intimidating for non computer experts†(Apple Annual Report 2010). The strategies and mission of Apple is largely affected by the external environment it operates in. This would better be analyzed through PESTEL analysis of Apple. PESTLE Analysis Apple being a US company faces barriers related to rules and regulations imposed by the DOJ, EPA and the SEC. The governmental agency like SEC inspects the fair practice and compliance and the governmental agencies like DOJ and EPA inspects the antitrust laws and environmental compliance. Political risks are high in Technology Company like Apple. In addition, the laws in communication industry are subject to change that affects the compliance of Apple. The required the company to invest heavily in compliance of laws and regulations and even pay fines as a result of investigations. Apple is technology company build on a global platform where factors like inflation rates, interest rate and current exchange rates in bear some impact, but such impact can’t be considered influential (US Technolgy Sector Analysis, 2010). As the interest rates are slashed as a result of recession in the economy, the company could borrow money at a cheaper interest rate. Same is the case with changes in current exchange rates. Change in economic conditions could also materially affect the performance of the company in an adverse way. The socio-cultural forces impact the company’s operations as Apple network spans across various countries and continents. Information display, privacy issues and information sharing across people in different countries depends upon the socio-cultural forces operating in that country (US Technolgy Sector Analysis, 2010). It can be argued that if Apple spans in network to the country like India (For e.g.) it has to keep in mind the culture of people there and whether the current configuration of the company is best suited for operating in that country. Global markets for different products and services of Apple are subject to technological changes in rapid advances along with high competition (US Technolgy Sector Analysis, 2010). Technological factors possess a great impact on the success of the company and a failure to cope up with these could materially affect the financial position of the company. Legality also has a role to play in operations of any company that intends to span globally. Apple has expanded its business across continents and political and legal policies of the countries can well decide on the fate on how the company can operate within a country. Issues over intellectual property rights, trademarks and patents lead to legal proceedings against the company from time to time (Apple Annual Report 2010). The environmental forces do not have a significant role to play in the operations of the company. When the company was incorporated, its primary target was young generation which wanted to connect to each other in spite of differences in physical boundaries. With the growing aging populating, the company has also shifted its focus to people of senior age groups.

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