Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Impact of Democratic Principles and Policies Application on War Essay

Impact of Democratic Principles and Policies Application on War Incidence - Essay Example This essay provides a comprehensive analysis in order to establish the specific impact of democracy, as well as economic integration and international institutions, on the prevention of wars. It also aims to establish, how the application of these democratic concepts affects the actual occurrence of war and of any other violent encounters within and among states. Human history has been riddled with various incidents of violence and wars. Wars have had causes, including poverty, social stratification, ethnic differences, as well as political differences. Wars have been seen within states, but mostly, it has involved one or more countries. Liberals argue that various instruments – democracy, economic integration, and international institutions – make wars less likely. They argue that where people have more freedom, they are less likely to take arms against the government or other countries; where they are more economically coordinated with each other, they are also less likely to declare wars against each other; and where international institutions are in place, the incidence of wars can be reduced or even eliminated. Others are however not convinced of these possible preventive measures for wars. Democratic pacifism seems to be the main basis of the contention that democracy makes wars less likely. Its ideas are based on the following premises: democracies rarely if ever go to war against each other; democracies tend to be more peaceful than dictatorships; democracies tend to have less internal violence.

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