Saturday, February 8, 2020

Final Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Final - Term Paper Example international market regions of Europe, it had to bear varied types of challenges and issues such as barriers in international trade, mitigation as well as investment (Beall, 2010). But due to the support of municipal government, all such international barriers reduced significantly that amplified its position and brand image in the entire globe among other rival players such as General Motors, Toyota etc. As a result of which the total sale and profitability of the organization enhanced that proved effective for the government of the Europe among other neighboring nations. The economic condition of the country enhanced as well as the rate o unemployment and poverty reduced to a significant extent (, 2014). Other than this, at the time of expansion in the new market region of Europe, the organization of Ford Motors had to analyze the taste and preferences of the customers so as to improve its prosperity and portfolio in the market (Bradley, 2012). Moreover, due to the active participation of municipal government, the policy related issues such as tariff barriers, subsides to local firms etc reduced significantly that amplified its reputation and market share in the markets of Europe among others (Ford, 2014). The organization of Ford Motors had to bear varied types of political challenges such as tariff rates, trade restrictions due to political instability in the nation of Europe. As a result of which, the brand image and competitiveness of the organization of Ford Motors attained a serious set-back (Kazmi, 2010). Economic factors: inflation is one of the important causes that hindered the total sale and prosperity of the organization of Ford Motors within the region of Europe as compared to many others. As a result, the organization had failed to enhance its profit margin and demand of the products that hindered its portfolio and prosperity in the market among others. Social factors: as the preferences of the customers are changing at a rapid pace so

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