Monday, February 24, 2020

United States police vs Brazilian police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

United States police vs Brazilian police - Essay Example In both the US and Brazil, police are tasked with arresting, searching, and detaining lawbreakers (U.S. Department of State). There exist different policing branches to ensure that such tasks are completed passably. This paper explores policing in Brazil and the United states, the differences between the two, how policing affects the country, and the different policing branches in both countries. There are diverse distinguishable differences that exist between policing in the United States and Brazilian police. The difference in policing all depends on the training and culture adopted by the police departments. The United States leans more on ethical policing (U.S. Department of State), as compared to Brazil that has a more barbarous system. Brazilian police are termed as being trigger-happy and appallingly violent, and this is mostly because of revenge missions against mobs that may have assassinated members of their workforce. According to Wells, â€Å"in the United States, with a population 60 percent larger than Brazil and more firearms in circulation, 410 civilians were killed during the same year. It compared the number of Brazilians killed to the 89 police killed while on duty during the same period -- the equivalent of 21 civilians dying for every police officer during the course of the year†. Although police brutality is reported in both countries, it is more rampant in Brazil as compared to America (Wells). The Brazilian policing system has been forced into this kind of callousness because of â€Å"high levels of violent crime, broken judicial institutions and a lack of funding and training† (Wells). The US policing is better than Brazil’s because of advanced training, better funding, adeptness in the legal system, and generally lower levels of vicious wrongdoings. Both the Brazilian military police and several departments of the US police have utilized a radio communications system to manage police communications effectively, a factor that has

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