Friday, August 30, 2019

Predicting Performance

Mix between current method and intelligence test. Evaluate Alternatives: 1. Intelligence tests. If Intelligence tests are used by corporations to screen Job applicants, colleges could use the same methodology. Also this will give a future opportunity for the students after graduation, to be familiar with this kind of test. Also corporations looking new employees will be confident that the graduated students have already passed the intelligence test, so they can give priority for students graduated from New England College.In addition the New England College, based on this alternative, could do agreement with potential recruiters, to give priority for student graduated from the college as they can ensure their Intelligence level. This will give an advantage to overcome any possibility of discrimination and to be more fair for poor and minorities, as it will be based on real evaluation for intelligence level for students. 2. Keep existing selection criteria. As Alex has no prior exper ience in college admissions, and in the same time she didn't eave enough time to collect all data and verify It by real study.All her reservations about using SAT scores based on concerns, the only evidence Is that coaching improves the SAT score. So keeping the current selection criteria will overcome the risk of failure in case of any change in the process of selection, also as the people who design the SAT argue forcefully that these test scores are valid predictors of how well a person will do in college. But Alex could gain time during keeping the current selection process to collect and analysis data before thinking about other alternative o challenge this argue. . MIX between current method and Intelligence test. As SAT Is only three sections Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. It Is preferable also to measure the intelligence of the students. For this it's required to redistribute the scoring as per the below. High school grades (20 %); Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores (30 %); Intelligence tests scores (30 %); Extra-curricular activities and achievements (10 %); And the quality and creativity of a written theme submitted with the applicationThis alternative will make the selection criteria based on measuring the mathematics; critical reading and writing in addition to the proper intelligence level, and avoid discrimination for poor and minorities. Taking into account the students character and their ability to manage activities and have achievement, and their ability to express their writing capabilities and creativity. Also this alternative will have the advantages of first alternative. Recommendations: To use the third alternative by having mix between current methods and intelligence test.

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