Saturday, August 24, 2019

Comparing 4 images Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comparing 4 images - Essay Example Among the most conspicuous cultural features, that different paintings portray is the gender role and differences. Different societies viewed gender differences adversely with the people apportioning unique roles for each gender as the below analysis of four distinct paintings portrays. Gender differences and roles differ with differences in cultural and historical contexts. Artists capture such cultural and historical differences in the roles of different genders. Painted in the 1617, Abduction of the daughters of Leucippus is typical representation of the differences in genders and the roles of each of the genders. Among the conspicuous features of the painting is the portrayal of both males and female. From the painting, women are fairer than their male counterparts are a feature that arises from the cultural and historical roles of each gender. The bodies of the women in the painting are fairer and lighter than the bodies of the men are. The painting portrays that women cared for the body besides the fact that they did light chores. The female bodies are voluptuous, soft and fleshy. In the early society, such features were considered sexy thus feminine. The painting portrays men as darker than the women with strong and muscular bodies. Such personality features were fundamental owing to the cultural and historical roles of men at the time. They performed laborious duties thus enhancing the growth of the masculine body frames. Additionally, their skins are darker then the skins of the women are a feature that arises from the extensive exposure to the harsh environmental features. The painting portrays the men as enjoying numerous privileges over their female counterparts. The men for example are riding on horses while grabbing the women who were walking on foot and are evidently resisting the capture. The men enjoy impunity and

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