Friday, August 23, 2019

Evaluate the renewable energy sector in the Netherlands, using Essay

Evaluate the renewable energy sector in the Netherlands, using Porter's Diamond model - Essay Example The country has one of the most advanced off shore wind industries in the world (Jansen, Ostertag and Waltz, 2011). The renewable energy sector enjoys a top-sector status in the country hence, enjoys exponential and far reaching investment by both government, private sector and even science and technology institutions are encouraged to build capabilities, conduct research and test technologies in the country at subsidized costs (Ibon, Eguino and Anil, 201). For the top-sector, there are top- teams consisting of scientists, senior officials, small and medium enterprise representatives and figureheads in the sector (Matschoss, 2011). These top teams are responsible for identifying necessary adjustments and foreseeable challenges and possible opportunities in the sector and promptly advice the investors, businesses, scientists and the government on the best approach for maximum impact (Lovinfosse, 2008). This pragmatic intervention in the sector has greatly improved innovations in the s ector for the Netherlands. The Netherlands also has an innovation contract in the renewable energy sector which primarily seeks to achieve the realization of European targets with regards to lowering emissions and sourcing at least 14 percent of total national energy consumption from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) that was made available in the year 2012.In the contract are substantive and financial agreements between companies, scientists and the government and its implementation started in 2012 and 2013.Even though not a producer herself, the Netherlands has a strategic locational advantage in terms of pipeline transit for gas for the North-West Europe (Bruekers, 2007). This ambitious measure has been taken by the government ownedcompanies, The Gas Union and EBN (Jeroen and Bruinsma, 2008). Demand Conditions: Renewable energy is extremely popular and enjoys favorable perception among

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