Friday, October 18, 2019

Ethicsproject Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethicsproject - Case Study Example In turn, they mess up Bernie program of acquiring new television set on time. I think the proposals are well informed and ethical since they aim to improve the type of services the company offers to its guests. For instance, when Napoli Pizza brochures are given to each room and phone numbers provided, it would be easy to understand what guests needs and what they do not want. In turn, the communication between guests and the management improves the performance of the company. Further, it leads to customer satisfaction, which is the aim of the company. Jane acted ethically in that she wanted to satisfy the greatest number of people by supporting education. On the other hand, her parents are unethical since they only desire good things for themselves at the expense of others. This is the reason they were against Jane supporting education of people in the community. People should not use their grocery money to play lottery because it can interrupt other people. For instance, if they fail to win their desired prizes they end up losing what they have hence affecting people who depend on them. It is not ethical for Sal to direct Jim to increase the lottery when he understands that the chances of winning are slim. Further, they should target middle class not minority groups who rely on daily income from grocery for

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