Friday, October 18, 2019

Radical Approaches in Journalism Research Paper

Radical Approaches in Journalism - Research Paper Example This paper will cover journalism in the western democracies and how the works of two philosophers have influenced the journalism process in these western parts. The two philosophers to be covered in this case are Slavoj Zizek and Jean Baudrillard. Slavoj Zizek was born in the year 1949 and is known to be a Slovene Philosopher as well as a cultural critic. He writes on a varied range of topics which include: culture studies, psychoanalysis, political theory, theology and film theory. Zizek is an individual who aims at provoking the society to think anew about many issues that happen around. His work in the eyes of many is seen to represent one of the two current notions of a progressive substitute- that of socialism rather than organizational imagination. There are two major themes of evaluation of ideas from Zizek which are lack of firmness in argumentation and failure to point out an effective alternative in his condemnation of current economic, social and political arrangements. Hi s political and philosophical positions have always been known not to be clear because of his lack of proper argumentation. He critiques have also made him known as a failure since he lacks consistency in his work. He has claimed to offer support to the revolutionary project by Marxist but one thing that has made the project unclear is his lack of vision. Zizek’s work is generally known to lack facts of history which makes his work be more provoking rather than infighting.sighting. In this case he is generally known to bring on confusion because he contradicts what is produced by other individuals. Information disseminated to the public through various ways is contradicted by his own findings because he lacks historical facts and has poor argumentation. This gives a clear impression that individuals who go through his findings are usually confused since they do not know whether to believe Zizek or other sources of information. It makes it difficult for people to understand th e happenings around them due to contradiction that occurs between the sources of information. In the western democracies, Zizek has played a role in undermining the importance of journalism because of his undertakings. Journalism is meant to brief people on all that happens so as to keep them posted but is has been difficult for them to understand because of Zizek’

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