Friday, October 4, 2019

Performance Appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance Appraisal - Essay Example During the process of appraisal, each employee performance is reviewed against the objectives and standards for the financial year as agreed at the previous appraisal meeting. It is very important for career and succession planning purposes for the employees, jobs that are crucial and for the entire organisation. Despite the fact that performance appraisal is mainly used for motivation of employees, it has a number of purposes which include: development of positive attitude towards work, behavior development, communication and alignment of employees and organization objectives and boosting the positive relationships between the employer and the employees (Grote 107). Each organization has its own performance appraisal system. This work would focus on the development of a performance appraisal system for the Verizon Wireless. As it would turn out later, the appraisal system depends on the kind and nature of the job being appraisal. Technical and complex jobs require more appraisals. In such cases, appraisal is mainly used to retain the employees. This paper would develop an appraisal system for a customer service post (Grote 111). Retail customer support representative is expected to handle the customers issues related to the company. Based on the performance, the retail customer support representative would be appraised in a number of ways. Following an excellent job, the company, through the human resource department would appreciate the work done by retail support representative by offering one or combination of the following items or rewards. The person would be offered an award-winning training and competitive salary if he or she displayed high level of quality in key areas such as time consciousness, communication and presentation skills. The nature of appraisal would depend on the area(s) perfectly done (Grote 113). The employee who would display perfection in key areas such as time management or

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