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How can powerful people affect the lives of people who do not have a Essay

How can powerful people affect the lives of people who do not have a lot of power - Essay Example Indeed, the two generations have distinct needs, objectives, views, perception of life, and communication techniques. Most specifically, the communication between the two generations is not successful as the rarely agree on anything. Ideally, the older generation disregards the younger generation by condemning what the later does. In fact, we can see Miss Emily dismissing the modern generation of the town. Faulkner quotes that, â€Å"So she vanquished them, horse and foot, just as she had vanquished their fathers thirty years before about the smell† (Barnet 420). More so, we can establish the tax disagreement between Miss Emily and the new generation who wanted her to pay the debt after disputing the earlier arrangement, which exempted her from paying taxes in 1894 (Barnet 419). According to the short story, A Rose for Emily, â€Å"She refused to acknowledge that the old arrangement might not work anymore, and flatly refused to pay† (Barnet 423). Indeed, she was dissati sfied with the new arrangement. Her blatant refusal depicts a disregard and disrespect of the new generation. Moreover, when the mayor and his new administration visited Miss Emily, she despised them and did not interact or welcome them to her house (Barnet 421). Actually, Faulkner claims, â€Å"She just stood in the door and listened quietly until the spokesman came to a stumbling halt† (Barnet 421). On the other hand, we can see Connie disagreeing with her mother who actually scolds and nags her for admiring herself in the mirror (Barnet 481). However, Connie ignores her criticism and spends most of her time in clubs. Notably, the looks of Connie’s mother were long gone. Connie’s mother disregards Connie’s ability and urges her to behave and dress like her elder sister. Oates claims that Connie’s mother always lamented Connie by stating, "Why don't you keep your room clean like your sister? How have you got your hair fixed—what stinks? Hai r spray? You don't see your sister using that junk† (Barnet 481). Furthermore, the two generations do not communicate effectively as we can see the mayor and his new generation communicating ineffectively with Miss Emily who never responded to their letters, notices, and mails. Indeed, Faulkner asserts, â€Å"Each December we sent her a tax notice, which would be returned by the post office a week later, unclaimed† (Barnet 423). As such, the new generation gave up on getting any information from Miss Emily. At the same time, we can confirm that the decisions made by those in power do not reflect the best interests of all. Indeed, the powerful seek to satisfy their needs and those of their colleagues with total disregard of the less powerful in the society. For instance, we can see Colonel Sartoris, the mayor hatching a plan to exempt Miss Emily from tax from the death of her father on into perpetuity (Barnet 419). Indeed, Colonel Sartoris cheated the general society tha t Miss Emily's father loaned the town some money, which Miss Emily can only recover by being tax exempted (Barnet 419). Such a move did not suit the interests of all as it denied the town huge resources that can add some benefit to the society. As such, we can see the new mayor reversing that arrangement for the benefit of the people. Moreover, we can see the authorities refusing to confront Miss Emily on the strong stink coming from her

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