Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Reading notes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 8

Reading notes - Essay Example All he wants is to lure Florinda so that he can bed her. However, Florinda is not ready for that. He then tries to rape her, but Belvile appears. That stops the sexual abuse, but Willmore discourages Florinda from reporting the matter to the police. He blames the beauty of Florinda for his sexual arousal and provocation (Scene 3, ln 42-44). Some of the other characters think of Willmore as a rapist and a liar. Florinda and Belvile think that he is a pretender and a rapist when he attempts to rape Florinda. He is an opportunist. He takes the advantage of the serene environ at the garden when Florinda is alone. He is like Blunt in that Blunt vows to rape and defile Florinda. He argues that it will be revenge for the charm that the women use to the men through their irresistible beauties (Scene 4.5, ln 48-51). He is a contrast to other characters such as Pedro, who believe in equality and the fight against violence on

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